Thursday, December 27, 2012

Natural Hair: Twist and Curl

I did my very first natural hair video!! Im still getting use to the whole process, but for my first video...not bad. I usually do twist and curl all the time with about 15 twist in total. Then I separate and fluff with my fingers at the roots or use a wide tooth comb.

What I used:
African Shea Butter

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skin and Acne Medication

I find myself obsessing over my skin often. I've never dealt with really bad acne, but around that time of the month I usually have a slight breakout on my cheeks, chin, and forehead the most. Though I do not have, "bad" acne I do feel a little self conscious just to even think that its there and people may be staring. So for the past 2 months I started using an acne medication by the name of Acanya and Atralin suggested to me by a dermatologist. She gave me the free samples just for me to try them out and see if they were working then I could actually get the prescription. Acanya I use in the morning, I wash my face first with African Black Soap then lightly apply it to my problem areas then apply my moisturizer. Atralin is used every other night which I would apply it the same way. I must be honest the first 2 weeks were like boot camp! My skin really started going through some things I experienced dryness, pealing, and burning sensations. Once this was happening I contacted the dermatologist and she assured that it will get better, my skin was just adapting to an actual medication so I decided to stick it out.

Progress so far                                        
                                                           Forehead Taken December 1

Left cheek taken December 1

Right cheek taken December 1
I'll take more pictures next month just so I can really see a difference. Along with the acne medication and washing my face with African black Soap twice a month I apply lemon juice and honey to my skin and let in sit for about 5 mins. The lemons help to lighten dark spots and discoloration while the honey moisturizes my skin leaving it feeling soft.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Deep Conditioning Process

It was definitely time for a deep conditioning. Lately my hair has become dry and I noticed more shedding then usual so I deep conditioned with Creame of Nature Jojoba & Olive Oil that was in one of my later post. I also mixed in some Extra Virgin Olive Oil just for a little more moisture then let it all sit for about 30 mins.

The Process:

My hair before conditioning, no product, slightly wet
Shrinkage is a trip!
Once I added the Deep Conditioner and Olive Oil.
Conditioner is really settling in. My little pony.
 Conditioner all rinsed out. Hair feeling light and soft. I just love my curls.
Before I twisted my hair I added my Shea Butter with Extra Virgin Olive Oil that I mixed up. I added through my whole head.
Now its time to twist! I added Cantu Shea Butter curling cream it smells good and has a nice shine to it. Product added more shrinkage. Don't mind the, "dryness" in my cheeks lol it's an acne medication I've been using I'll do a post on that soon.
Stretched Hair with product.
Medium size twist complete, all together I counted 30!
As I'm typing this post my hair is drying.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bar tending for Age Of Awarness Banquet!

On Saturday I was invited to bar tend for Age Of Awareness banquet at the Newton White Mansion! It was a good opportunity even though I'm a bar tender for a living for the time being. This was my first time actually bar tending for an event and I made me a little money as well. I'm actually considering making some business cards because while I was bar tending a young lady asked if I would mind bar tending for her college graduation party, and of course I said yes! I've been asked to do parties before so why not get me some cards that way whenever I'm asked I can make it official. The banquet turned out amazing and it was free of charge, Age of Awareness is a non-profit organization so all the food, drinks, and decorations were donated for the special occasion which was a blessing. Along with good music came tables set with hand made jewelry, hand bags, paintings, African string art, and so much more straight from Ghana so everyone could purchase something! So you know I had to take a look around.

I'm almost out of this Shea Butter I should have brought some while I was there.

These are the items I brought and I love them already!