Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skin and Acne Medication

I find myself obsessing over my skin often. I've never dealt with really bad acne, but around that time of the month I usually have a slight breakout on my cheeks, chin, and forehead the most. Though I do not have, "bad" acne I do feel a little self conscious just to even think that its there and people may be staring. So for the past 2 months I started using an acne medication by the name of Acanya and Atralin suggested to me by a dermatologist. She gave me the free samples just for me to try them out and see if they were working then I could actually get the prescription. Acanya I use in the morning, I wash my face first with African Black Soap then lightly apply it to my problem areas then apply my moisturizer. Atralin is used every other night which I would apply it the same way. I must be honest the first 2 weeks were like boot camp! My skin really started going through some things I experienced dryness, pealing, and burning sensations. Once this was happening I contacted the dermatologist and she assured that it will get better, my skin was just adapting to an actual medication so I decided to stick it out.

Progress so far                                        
                                                           Forehead Taken December 1

Left cheek taken December 1

Right cheek taken December 1
I'll take more pictures next month just so I can really see a difference. Along with the acne medication and washing my face with African black Soap twice a month I apply lemon juice and honey to my skin and let in sit for about 5 mins. The lemons help to lighten dark spots and discoloration while the honey moisturizes my skin leaving it feeling soft.

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