Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oohh Ghana!!

Its been toooo long! Ghana was such an experience, the weather..Ghanaians..food..the villages..just the whole environment! People who have been to Africa before could really relate to how different it is from the US. I got to take a tour of the Slave Castles, visit about 5 schools, learn how to trade at the market, try new foods and so many other interesting things. Though I was so out of my element I was really excited to just be there and really be away from, "home". People there are so much nicer, disciplined, giving and accept patience... to me it was almost like they considered each other as family and just willing to help the random guy down the street. Its crazy how in the US I complain, WE complain.. about things so minor that don't even matter, when there are people who really struggle EVERYDAY, no running water, huts as homes, no new shoes for school and still smiling. Its really amazing, I'll definitely be back there next year.