Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thick Twist!

I was wearing my hair like this for months and everyone loved it! I was tired of wearing my natural hair (it happens) so I went to the beauty supply store and brought 4 packs of Marley braiding hair and put them in myself, just to try something new. Before I put them in I deep conditioned which made the whole process about 7 hours! Maybe next time they will be easier to do. I liked how these thick Senegalese twist looked natural on me and especially when they got older I loved the worn in look. Some people actually thought my twist were dreads...
(Sorry for the quality in these pictures, they are horrible!)
So I did my co-workers hair and it turned out great, all together she brought 6 packs of hair, 4 Marley and 2 Kanekalon. I did her hair early this morning at 8am and it only took 4 hours and some change compared to my 7! She still had 1 back left.
I'll make this my little side hustle..gotta save up for a car! I'll be doing someone elses hair next week. The twist are so versatile, I would do little up-dos and side swoop bands and on top of that itss a protective style to give my hair a break. I will definitely be doing them on my hair again, but not right now I'm enjoying mine! 


  1. You did a great job! I've been rocking similar twists but their bigger. I've been wearing them in a high bun but I'm gonna try wearing them down after seeing your hair down.

  2. And I wore them thangs out! I love them, so versitile. I'll be doing them again and like you said, bigger!