Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm Going to Ghana!!!


I'm going to Ghana!! Really I still can't believe it... Africa!? The mother land, this will be such an experience for me at 21 years old. I know it will be a culture shock for me though, but I'm ready..nerves, but ready. I will be leaving on Saturday with a non profit organization called Age Of Awareness and will be staying for a week and two days. I figure I will start to feel a little home sick after the the third day, luckily my time will be occupied by helping others; visiting the schools and supplying kids with schools supplies and putting smiles on little faces. People always say once you go to Africa you come back, "changed" for the better. I guess I'm preparing myself for an eye awakening experience.
Supplies before being shipped!
Wendy Johnson the founder, I will be traveling with her
King David School

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